What Pants to Wear With Polo Shirt ?

Polo Shirt with Jeans

Polo shirt and jean look is a classic. Wearing it as such will give a casual look and if you put on a blazer then you’ve bumped yourself up to smart casual. The chances are endless with this combination. Wearing lighter jeans will make the look more casual and the darker you go with you jeans the more smart your look will be.

Can you wear a Polo with Dress Pants?

A trickier territory than the jeans, we now look at dress pants. Some will deem it a cardinal style sin to mix and match dress pants and polo shirts. However, done right this can be one of the most stylish looks out there.

Important to note when pulling off this look is the length of the polo shirt. The polo shirt must hit the waistband; extra material looks baggy and scruffy. If you want to pull the look together then pair your belt with your shoes for added chic.

Polo Shirt with Shorts

A summer classic and one not to be forgotten is the polo shirt and shorts combination. Jean shorts look great in the summer; all you need to do is follow the same rules as you would jeans in regards to colour. Chino shorts are perfect if you are going for a slightly smarter casual look, think summer BBQ’s or a hot summers date.